Tariff Of Charges


Standard Tariff of Charges  Effective from 22nd Feb 2018  (10th Falgun 2074)



Account Closing Charge


Statement Charge (within one year)


Statement Charge (above one year)

NPR 100 per page

ABBS Charge (Outside Pokhara & Kathmandu Valley)

NPR 100/- (above NPR 200K to 500K)

NPR 200/- (above NPR 500K)

Dormant Reactivation


Charge for Not Maintaining Minimum Balance


Cheque Book Issuance In Replacement of Lost/Misplaced Cheque Book (up to 10 leaves)

NPR 200/-

Stop Payment

NPR 100/-

Balance Certificate (one time free for company's account)

NPR 300/-

Use of Withdrawal Slip other than Thumbprint Account Holder

NPR 100/-

Good for Payment Charge

NPR 500/- per cheque

Management Fee

Up to 2% of loan amount

Commitment Fee in case of Term Loan (Approved but not utilized)

0.50% of the loan amount

Commitment Fee in case of Working Capital (if the utilization is less than 50% of the approved amount)

0.50% of the loan amount

Valuation Fee conducted by the Company (loan amount below NPR 1,000K)

NPR 5,000/-

Valuation Fee (above NPR 1,000K)

As per actual cost of the valuator

CIB Charge

As per actual cost of the CIB

Internal CIC Charge

NPR 200/-

Partial Property Release Charge (Inside Valley)

4,000/- (Within Kathmandu and Pokhara)

Partial Property Release Charge (Outside Valley)

5,000/- (Outside Kathmandu and Pokhara)

Release and Re-Mortgage Charge

NPR 5,000/- (In case of risk assured by bank)

Vehicle Release Charge (Outside Pokhara and Kathmandu Valley)

NPR 5,000/-

Release of Third Party Collateral


Penal Interest Rate

2% p.a.

ATM Debit Card Charge

Issuance of New ATM Card (1st time till the Expiry of Card)

NPR 200/-

Issuance of new ATM Card (issued in case of Lost/Damage/Card Expiry )

NPR 200/-

PIN Replacement

NPR 100/-

Card Block/Stop Charge in case of Loss/Misplace

NPR 200/-

Card Destruction Fee (in case the customer fails to collect card within 3 months of receipt of card from SCT)

NPR 300/-

Cheque Clearing Charge

Up to NPR 2,00,000/-


Above NPR 2,00,000/- 

NPR 30/- per cheque

Special Clearing Cheque

NPR 100/- per cheque

Cheque Return Unpaid (insufficient fund)

NPR 200/- per cheque

Locker Surrender Charge (within first year)

NPR 3,000/-

Mobile Banking Service
Registration/Renewal NPR 200/-
Mobile Number Change  & Device Reset (Anyone or Both) NPR 50/-
Profile Updates / Change Fund Transfer Option / Link Accounts (Anyone or Combined) NPR 50/-
Re-PIN/GPRS Login Password Reset (Anyone or Both) NPR 50/-
Cheque Destruction Fee (incase customer fails to collect the demanded cheques within 3 months) NPR 300/-